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Pycon Canada 2019 Ticket

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Pycon Canada 2019 tickets gives access to sessions from November 16-17th. Participation in the sprints is free but requires a sign up.

To sign up for sprints, please use visit our eventbrite page

Note that by purchasing a ticket you agree to abide by the conference's Code of Conduct.

Students: If you are currently enrolled in school, we offer a limited number of student tickets.

Individual: If you are paying out of pocket to attend this conference, please select this ticket type.

Corporate: If your tickets are being paid for by your employer, please select the Corporate rate. Corporate ticket sales enable us to provide financial aid and discounted tickets for those who cannot otherwise afford to attend.

Contributor: If you wish to contribute to financial aid fund, please select Contributor rate.

All conference attendees including event chair, volunteers, speakers pays for PyCon registration. This is beloved philosophy of PyCon. That way, we can achieve the attendees be part of the conference with equal status. Everybody Pays.

However, this philosophy might be a barrier to someone who can not afford for the ticket or expense of traveling. To mitigate this, PyCon Canada provides financial aid to help people attend PyCon.

Financial aid recipients have some part of their expenses, which may include registration, travel or accomodation, paid from PyCon budget. While we can't cover all expenses for everyone, we try our best to optimally allocate our budget. Profits from Contributor tickets sales goes to financial aid fund.